Selection of Cement Mortar Ratio

The cement mortar is one of the greatest binding material widely used in construction. A bonding paste prepared by adding a certain quantity of water with cement and fine aggregates is called mortar.

The quality and strength of the mortar are depended on¬†the binding material. So don’t compromise¬†on the quality of the material.

cement mortar ratio

Cement Mortar Ratio

The cement mortar ratio will be different based on the work and suitable type of cement mortar ratio will be select accordingly.

The recommended Mix Ratio has listed below for the various type of work.

SINature of WorkRatio
1Brick Masonry1:6 or 1:5
2Half Brick Masonry1:4
3Ceiling Plastering1:3
4External wall plasering1:5
5Internal wall plastering1:4
6Cement Slurry1:1
7Stone Masaonry1:2
8Reinforced Brickwork1:3
9Tile Flooring1:2
10Water logged Area1:3
11Pointing Work1:2
12Laying of Fire Bricks1:2
13Cement Grouting1:1
14Slab Concrete1:1.5:3
15Beam or Lintel1:2:4
16Column Concrete1:1:2
17PCC1:4:8 or 1:3:6
18Water Pond Making1:12


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