In the field, we will conduct tests for almost all materials. Those tests are not accurate and don’t have any high accuracy. The slump test…

The rate analysis of civil works has contains different activity like the cost of material, manpower and equipment, etc.The cost of construction activities arrives in terms of the rate per unit and the cost is arrived including of material and manpower cost.

In a project budget, the toughest thing is to identify the source of material and required manpower calculation. In this post, we had listed out the approx labour requirement for civil works for different works. 

The purpose of water in concrete to composite the Cement, Sand and Coarse aggregate. In concrete, the cement was the bonding agent if the amount water increase or decrease it will affect the bonding of material and it will be a chances to lose the workability and Strength.

Termites are one of the insect’s types seems to size like ants. Termites have differed from ants because they eat wood. Basically, ants build their colonies under the earth’s surface near to the standing water around the foundation because they need moisture area.