How to Calculate Quantity of Concrete Blocks

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Apart from the bricks the next prefered material to construct the wall is Concrete Block. The different types of concrete blocks are listed below.

  1. Solid Blocks
  2. AAC blocks
  3. Concrete bricks
  4. Lintel and paving blocks

In earlier, we discuss how to calculate the number of bricks and volume of cement mortar and now we are going to discuss How to Calculate Quantity of Concrete Blocks?.

How to Calculate Quantity of Concrete Blocks?

Let us see with an example, now we are going to calculate the number of concrete blocks including cement mortar for 1 Sqm.

Size of Block

Concrete block Size

Length – 400mm          Width – 200mm    Depth – 200mm

Mortar Ratio 1:5 and thickness – 10mm

Cement Mortar Calculation for Block Work

how to calculate cement mortar for concrete block

In above Diagram,

Volume of Horizontal Mortar Joint – 6 x 0.2 x 0.01 x 1 = 0.012 Cum

Volume  of Vertical Mortar Joint – 4 x 4 x 0.2 x 0.2×0.01 = 0.0064 cum

                                                           – 0.01×0.14×0.2×4 = 0.00112 cum

Total volume = 0.012+0.0064+0.00112 = 0.0195 Cum

So the volume of required Mortar for 1 Sqm block Work – 0.0195 Cum

In earlier, we have explained How to calculate the Cement and Sand for mortar.

Concrete Block Calculation

Size of the Block – 0.4 x 0.2

                               – 1/(0.4 x 0.2) = 12.5 Nos

Now the required number of concrete blocks – 12.5 Nos

You may use the below calculator for calculating the number of blocks and cement mortar volume.

Concrete Block Calculator

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