We have discussed different types of cement in which white cement is the only one primarily used for decorative & finishing purposes. What is white cement? It is a pure form of OPC. White cement only differs from the ordinary portland cement by its colour. It has a…

The usage of cement varies based on the location of the structure and design criteria.  Mostly OPC cement has been used to construct a general structure, but it is not suitable for underground construction because OPC cement does not have sulphate resistant capacity.  So we have different types of…

Due to the presence of surface moisture the volume of dry sand will increase it is called Bulking of sand. The bulking of the sand test was carried out as per IS 2386.

Silt content is shrinking and expand due to the weather condition so it will affect the strength of the structure. So the Silt content test for sand is essential to find out the percentage of silt.