How to do the Rate Analysis of Brick Masonry

In an earlier post, we had discussed the aspects required to do the rate analysis for Different Civil works.

Now the time for seeing the rate analysis of every civil work. So at first, we are going to see the rate analysis of brickwork.

rate analysis

Rate Analysis of Brickwork

Now, we are going to analysis the rate for 1 Cum of  Brick Work (B.W) in Cement Mortar 1:5 (1 Cement: 5 Coarse sand) using common burnt clay bricks of class, including curing etc, complete.

Required Material

Number of Bricks = 456 Nos (Add 2% as Wastages) = 465 Nos

Volume of  Mortar = 0.271 Cum

Method of Rate Analysis

You may Download the Excel Sheet of Rate Analysis: Rate Analysis of Brickwork

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