Rate Analysis of Plastering

In an earlier post we had discussed the cost estimation for different construction activity. Now, we are going to see the rate analysis of plastering along with an example.

But one thing you have to understand the general aspects of Rate analysis of civil works.

plastering rate analysis

Rate Analysis of Plastering

The following points have to be considered while analyzing the rate.

  1. Wages for the manpower including  with their transportation
  2. Output of the Manpower
  3. Required material including wastages
  4. Power consumption
  5. Water consumption
  6. Supervision charges
  7. Tools & Equipments
  8. Contingencies
  9. Overhead & Profit

Ok, Let Us analyse the rate of plastering for the area of 10 Sqm.

Mortar Ratio – 1:3 and  Thickness – 15mm.

First, estimate the material quantity for the particular area including with wastages.

Cement – 1.63 Bags  and Sand – 0.174 Cum.

Estimation already explained in Plaster Volume Calculator.

Second step, to find out the required manpower for the particular work.

For 10 sqm of Plastering

  • Mason – 1 Day
  • Helper – 1.2 Day
  • Water Man – 0.1 Day

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Rate Analysis of Plastering

Description Unit Qty Rate Amount
Mortar ratio 1:3 and 15mm thk plastering on Concrete surface
Details of cost of Plastering work for - 10 Sqm
Cement Bags 1.63 350 571
Sand Cum 0.174 1500 261
Supervison Day 0.05 800 40
Mason Day 1 700 210
Helper Day 1.2 600 720
Waterman Day 0.1 450 45
Sub total 2,337
Tools & Tackles 1% 23
Power Consumption 2.5% 58
Add for Sundries & Contingencies 3% 70
Add for Over head & Contractor profit 10% 234
Total 2722
Price Per Sqm 272

The required of manpower will be different based on the nature of work because now we are analyzing the rate for 15mm thickness. The rate analysis of plastering will be changed for different mortar thickness.

Get the Excel Sheet of – Rate Analysis of Plastering.

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