How To Calculate Weight Of Steel

We knew that the D²/162.2 formula is using to calculate the weight of rounded bar in Kg/m. Then how to calculate the weight of Steel plate or irregular shape?

So in this post, we are going to discuss how to calculate steel bar weight and how to calculate steel plate weight.

How to calculate Weight of Steel

The rounded steel bar weight has been calculated by the D²/162.2 formula. At first, we are going to see the derivation of unit weight of steel formula for round bars.

steel bar weight calculation

Unit weight of Steel Formula

steel weight calculation


Now you understand the derivation of steel weight calculation formula.

Just see an example.

What is the weight of 5m length16mm Dia bar?

steel bar weight calculation, steel calculation


How to calculate steel plate weight

The same method of above calculation to be used to calculate the weight of steel plates.

Weight of plate = Area x Density of Steel x Thickness


What is the weight of plate having measurement 5m x 2m and thickness 12mm?

Weight of plate = (5 x 2) x 7850 x 0.012 = 942 Kg

Steel Bar Weight Chart

Here we listed out the steel bar weight chart which used often for reinforcement.

SIDia of BarWeight in Kgs

We hope that now you understand the steel bar weight calculation and steel plate weight calculation. You may be interested to know How to calculate cement mortar for brickwork.

Reinforcement Steel Bar Weight calculator

You shall use the below calculator to calculate the weight of round steel bar & Steel Plate.

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