Types of Load

We may face a common problem with the types of the load while designing the structure. In fact, we have to give priority to the loads while design the structure because a simple mistake will give huge impact.

When a designer before starting the structure design, they consider the following types of loads.

  • Dead Load
  • Live Load
  • Wind Load
  • Seismic Load
  • Snow Load

What is Load?

A weight or stress applied to someone or something is called Load.

Dead Load

Simple!. Self-weight or own weight of the structure components, material etc., it’s called Dead Load. The dead load of Wall, Slab, floor & foundation has calculated while designing the structure. We should know the approx self-weight of the material while design.

What is Dead Load

Dead load of the different material listed below

Sl. NoMaterialWeight Kn/Cum
1Brick Masonry18.8
2Stone Masonry25
3Plain Cement Concrete24
4Reinforced Cement Concrete25

Live Load

In a Structure, all movable substance like people, vehicle, furniture those all given a movable load to the structure its called Live Load. A load which does not act permanently is called Imposed Load.

What is live load

Dead load of the different material listed below

SIDescriptionLive Load Kn/Sqm
2Educational Buildings4
5Staircase & Balconies5
Wind Load

From last two decades, the wind load has considered an important parameter while designing the structure. Mostly wind load factor has considered when the structure height is above 10m. The wind load is acting horizontally on the structure & inclined to the roof it did not collapse the structure but affect the structural strength.


Snow Load

The snow did not fall in every country based on requirement it may consider. The quantity of snow shall deposit on the building is called Snow load, it was estimated approximately for designing.


Snow load was calculated by below formula

S = µS0

S – Value of Snow Load             µ – Co-efficient of Shape     S0 – Snow load @ ground

Seismic Load

Due to the force majeure like an earthquake, Tsunami, etc., the structure will affect crucially which is not possible rebuild.


Another name of the Seismic load is Imposed Load.

Here we list out the standard Dead & Live load values for your knowledge

As above said, we illustrated the types of loads. But we shall discuss some other types of loads just for our knowledge.

Axial Load

The load act on the centroid axis of the column section is called Axial Load.

What is Axial Load, Types of loads

Eccentrically Uni-Axial Load

The load acts any one of axis either X – axis or Y axis of the column it is called as Eccentrically uni-Axial Load.

What is Eccentric Axial Load

Eccentrically Bi-Axial Load

The load acts on both axis X & Y of the column is called Eccentrically Bi-Axial Load.

What is eccentric load

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