White Roof Paint on Shingles

Generally, weathering tile has been placed on top of the roof surfaces to reduce heat evolving inside the building.

Globally we are facing global warming and we were surrounded by heat atmosphere which is not reducible.

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However provision of weathering tile not sufficient to reduce the heat inside the building. So now we are moving to provide electronic households such as Air conditioner, Air cooler to produce cooling inside the building. 

What is White Roof Paint

White Roof Paint is a unique paint which is reflecting the sun rays and making the building cooler.

The white coat reflects the sun’s rays and absorbs the cooling particles from the air. 

white roof paint

The secret behind the White Paint

Basically, the black colour absorbs the sun rays but at the same time the white colour reflecting the sun rays and absorbing it. 

Benefits of White Roof Paint

  • It reduces the heat emission inside the building up to 85%. 
  • The white paint is more durable compared to weathering tile roof and we can recoat it 15 years once.
  • It is really very effective compared to the weathering tile.
  • It reduces the electrical cost because it reduces the air conditioner running time.
  • The white paint reduces air pollution and emission greenhouse gas.
  • We may directly apply this paint on shingles and over the weathering tile.
  • Little expensive but really good for the humans.

There are different types of paint available in market so we have to be choose and procure good branded white roof paint to get the full benefits.

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