How To Calculate Trapezoidal Footing Volume

In an earlier post, we have discussed how to calculate the material for concrete & now we are going to see how to calculate the volume for trapezoidal footing volume along with an example.

Trapezoidal Volume Calculation Formula

The below formula has used for calculating the volume of the trapezoidal footing.

V = H/3 (A1+A2+(√A1 x A2)

A1 = Area of Lower Portion

A2 = Area of Upper Portion

H = Height of trapezoidal portionTrapezoidal volume calculation formula

Let us see an example.

Refer below the Diagram. Now we are going to calculate the volume of the trapezoidal footing.

trapezoidal volume calculator

Volume =  H/3 (A1+A2+(√A1 x A2)

A1 = 2 x 1.5 = 3 Sqm

A2 = 0.5 x 0.3 = 0.15 Sqm

H = 0.15m

Now Volume = 0.15/3 x (3+0.15+(√3 x 0.15)

=  0.05 x (3.15+0.67)

= 0.19 Cum

Volume (V) = 0.19 Cum

Trapezoidal Volume Calculator

You may use the trapezoidal volume calculator for calculating the volume of trapezoidal footing.

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