In a project budget, the toughest thing is to identify the source of material and required manpower calculation. We have to deploy adequate manpower to complete a certain activity without any chaos.

In this post, we had listed out the approx labour requirement for civil works and also Labour output per day for different works. 

In the earlier post, we had seen the material calculation for different construction work.

Labour Requirement for Civil Works

Scope of Work Labour Requirement Quantity (Nos)
Excavation up to 1.5m Depth including disposal of soil lead up to 50m- 28.3 m3 – Soft Rock Mason 0.15
Male Coolie 5
Female coolie 4
Excavation Upto 1.5m Depth including disposal of soil lead up to 50m- 28.3 m3 – Soft Rock Mason 0.15
Male Coolie 6.5
Female coolie 5
Excavation Upto 1.5m Depth including disposal of soil lead up to 50m- 28.3 m3 – Soft Rock Mason 0.2
Male Coolie 8
Female coolie 6
Soil backfilling including watering and hammering – 10 m3 Male Coolie 1.5
Female coolie 1.35
Plain Cement Concrete – 1 m3 Male Coolie 0.7
Female coolie 0.7
Mason 0.13
Foreman 0.13
Reinforced Cement Concrete – 1 m3 Male Coolie 1
Female coolie 1
Mason 0.3
Foreman 0.15
Formwork – 11.16 Sqm including  fixing and deshuttering Carpenter 2.25
Foreman 0.2
Helper 2.25
Brick Masonry – 1 m3 Mason 0.4
Male Coolie 0.5
Female coolie 0.5
Waterman 0.2
Half Brick Masonry -10 Sqm Mason 0.9
Male Coolie 0.6
Female coolie 0.4
Waterman 0.2
Solid Block Masonry -1.89 m3 Mason 2.5
Male Coolie 1.75
Female coolie 1.75
Waterman 0.2
Concrete Flooring 25mm Thk 10 Sqm Mason 1
Male Coolie 1
Female coolie 1
Waterman 0.1
Tile Skirting on Steps and dados – 1 Sqm Mason 0.6
Male Coolie 0.5
Waterman 0.25
Tile Flooring – 1 Sqm Mason 0.4
Male Coolie 0.4
Waterman 0.1
Smooth Finish Plastering – 10 Sqm and 12mm Thk Mason 0.75
Male Coolie 1.5
Female coolie 1.5
Waterman 0.15
Distemper Painting including Prime coat – 10 Sqm Painter 0.45
Helper 0.45
Steel reinforcement – 100 Kg including cutting and laying Barbender 0.8
Helper 0.8

Labour Output per day in Construction

Manpower  Activity Output (8 Hours)
Mason – 1
Male mazdoor – 0.75
Female Mazdoor – 0.5
Brick Work 45 Cft
Mason – 1
Male mazdoor – 1
Female Mazdoor – 0.5
Wall plastering 120 Sft
Mason – 1
Male mazdoor – 0.75
Female Mazdoor – 0.5
Ceiling Plastering 90 Sft
Foreman- 0.2
Helper- 2.25
Shuttering Work 11 Sqm
Bar Bender – 1 Nos
Helper – 1 Nos
Steel Work 100 Kg
Tile Mason – 1 Nos
Helper – 1 Nos
Tile Work 10 Sqm
Mason – 2
Male mazdoor – 1.75
Female Mazdoor – 1.75
Block Work 2 m3
Male Coolie – 5 Nos
Female Coolie – 4 Nos
Earth Digging 1000 Cft

If you want to update the manpower adequacy, then don’t forget to comment.


Bala is a Planning Engineer & he is the author and editor of Civil Planets.


  1. Maheshpasupuleti Reply

    please give an explanation….how you get those values….?

    • Civilplanets Reply

      HI mahesh,

      Based on the Practical experience those values are approximately arrived for estimation purpose.

  2. Jaydip v .thawari Reply

    How to calculate labours quantity for particular works

    • Civilplanets Reply

      The approx manpower estimation may come from the practical manpower usage of particular work.

      • Above all requirement of of labour and per day work are OK for Site estimation

  3. Area covered for plinth is 104.5 sm. How much per sm should I pay. Materials and labour is of contractor. He has used tmt bars, acc cement tie beam in it.Mail me on

  4. In some works, masons have the values in points…. for ex 0.13! What this actually means

  5. Can you guide me how to finalized ARC for (day to day works ) Civil works. how can rate justify, in ARC quantum is not fixed.

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    Thank you for providing an useful information could you please provide all type works with pdf or excel file it will help to us to get access any time
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  9. can you help me with what is the labor output per day for the seawall construction?

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    Thanks for this resourceful information. Any additional information alike, please share with me.

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    Thanks for this valuable information and also please add Rubble masonry labour details

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  13. Block work cubic metre?
    Thy is considered thickness is 0.09 m..(block thickness)
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