Somethings seems little but makes a difference.

Learning the name of each construction tools used in civil engineering also such a thing. We have listed some of the tools & equipment we mostly used on a daily basis.

List of Construction Tools and Pieces of Equipment

# Image Name Application
1 Hand Trowel Trowel Used in masonry and plastering works to place the mortar
2 Plumb Bob Plumb Bob Using to check the surface vertical alignment.
3 Hoe Hoe To excavate the earth or to dig a trench.
4 Spade Spade To excavate the earth or to dig a trench.
5 Digging Bar Digging Bar To dig & loose the soil
6 Head Pan Head Pan To transport the material
7 Crow Bar Crow bar To remove the nails from shuttering board.
8 Hammer Hammer To insert the nails into the board or wall.
9 Safety Gloves Gloves Avoiding to direct contact with dangerous material or machinery.(Hand)
10 Boos Rubber boots Avoiding direct contact with dangerous materials or machinery.
11 Safety Googles Safety Googles Avoiding direct contact with dangerous materials
12 safety belt Safety Belt Should wear while doing work at heights.
13 Measuring Tape Measurement Tape To measure the length
14 Chisel Chisel To remove the settled mortar from the floor.
15 Right Angle Scale Right Angle Frame To check the right angle for masonry or plastering work.
16 Spirit Level Sprit Level To check the horizontal surface level.
17 Water level tube Water Level To mark the spot level.
18 vacum blower 1 Vacuum Blower To clean the dust from the floor.
19 Tile Cutter Tile Cutter To cut the tiles at the right size.
20 Measuring Wheel Measuring wheel To measure the length
21 Polisher Polisher To polish the granite
22 earth rammer Earth rammer To compact the earth surface.
23 hook Binding hook To tie the binding wire in reinforcement
24 Hand Saw Hand Saw To cut the wooden material
25 Circular Saw Circular Saw To cut the Steel rods and wood materials
26 Wheel Barrow Wheel barrow To transport the materials inside the site.
27 Wooden Float Wooden Float To provide even surface while plastering
28 sand screening machine Sand Screening Machine To sieve the sand.
29 Vibrating Machine Needle Vibrator To level and settle the fresh concrete while pouring the concrete into reinforcement
30 Mixer Machine Mixer Machine To mix the material for preparing the concrete
31 back hoe Backhoe To excavate the earth up to 3m depth
32 excavator Excavator To excavate the earth up to 5m depth
33 Drilling Machine Drilling machine To make a hole in steel or wooden surface
34 jack hammer Jack Hammer To break stone or concrete
35 road roller Road Roller To compact the earth
36 hydra crane Hydra Crane To Lift the heavyweight items
37 fork lift Forklift To lift and transport materials
38 dozer Dozer To level the earth surface
39 concrete mixer truck Concrete Mixer Trucks To transport the RMC from plant to site
40 welding machine set Welding machine Set To joint the different pieces of steel
41 piling machine 1 Pile Driller Machine To dig the earth at deep.
42 dewatering pump De-watering pump To de-water the seepage water
43 core cut Core cutter machine To cut the concrete at particular diameter
44 concrete rebound test apparatus Rebound Hammer To check the Compressive strength of concrete at Site.
45 Measuring Box Measuring Box To measure the exact quantity while mixing the concrete or mortar.

If we missed anything to list out, let us know to update. Happy Learning 🙂


Bala is a Planning & QS Engineer working at Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Limited. He is the author, editor of Civil Planets.


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