List of Construction Tools and Equipments

We are using a different kind of tools and equipment in the construction to complete the particular work. If we do plastering or masonry work then some specified tools required to get the proper finish.

Construction Tools List and their Uses

List of Construction Tools and Equipments

So in this post, we listed out some important tools and equipment along where it will be used.

SIImage NameApplications
1construction toolsTrowelUsing in Masonry and plastering work to place the mortar.
2Plumb BobUsing to check the surface vertical alignment.
3HoeTo excavate the top surface earth or to dig a trench.
4SpadeTo excavate the top surface earth or to dig a trench.
5Digging BarTo dig the soil
6Head PanTo transport the material
7Crow barTo remove the nail from shuttering Board.
8HammerTo insert the nail into the board or wall.
9GlovesAvoiding to direct contact with dangerous material or machinery.(Hand)
10Rubber bootsAvoiding to direct contact with dangerous material or machinery.(Legs)
11GogglesAvoiding to direct contact with dangerous material or machinery.(Eye)
12Safety BeltShould Wearing while doing work @ the very height.
13Measuring TapeMeasuring the Area
14ChiselTo remove the settled mortar on the floor.
15Right Angle FrameTo check the right angle for Masonry or plastering.
16Sprit LevelTo check the Horizontal alignment.
17Water LevelTo mark the spot level.
18Vacuum Blower To clean the dust from the floor surface.
19Tile CutterTo cut the tile at the right size.
20Measuring wheelUsing to measure the length
21PolisherTo Polishing the granite
22Earth rammerUsing to compact the earth surface.
23Binding hookTo tieing the binding wire in reinforcement
24Hand SawUsing to cut the wood material
25Circular SawUsing to cut the Steel rod and wood material
26Wheel barrowTo transport the material from one location to another location on the site.
27Wooden FloatTo provide even surface while plastering
28Sand Screening MachineTo Sieve the Sand.
29Needle VibratorUsing while pouring the concrete to fill air voids
30Mixer MachineTo mix the material for preparing the concrete
31BackhoeTo excavate the earth up to 3m depth
32ExcavatorTo excavate the earth up to 5m depth
33Drilling machineTo make a hole in steel or wood
34Jack HammerTo break stone or concrete
35Road RollerTo compact the earth
36Hydra CraneLifting the heavyweight items
37ForkliftTo lift and transport material
38DozerTo level the earth surface
39Concrete Mixer TrucksTo transport the RMC from plant to site
40Welding machine SetJointing the different piece of steel
41Pile Driller MachineTo dig the earth at deep.
42De-watering pumpUsing to dewatering the seepage water
43Core cutter machineTo cut the concrete at particular diameter
44Rebound HammerTo check the Compressive strength of concrete at Site.
45Measuring BoxTo measure the exact quantity while mixing the concrete or mortar.
46Concrete Block MachineTo make concrete blocks at site easily. Fly ash bricks manufacturerturer

If we missed to list out some tools or equipment, let us know to update.

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