Difference Between Beam and Column

A structure built up by various components and those all are designed to stabilize the structure. A building can stand without beam but cannot stand without a column.

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Now, we are going to discuss the difference between beam and column.

What is Beam?

A horizontal member of the structure is called “Beam”.

What is Column?

A vertical member of the structure is called “Column”.

Difference between beam and column

The column and beam both are transferring the stress to the foundation but there is a difference between beam and column by the way of the load transfer.

Difference Between Beam and Column

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A Glance of Lintel

A lintel is a horizontal member which is rest on the door or window opening to support the portion of the structure above it.

Besides, the function of a lintel is the same as a beam, it transfers the structure load to its supports.

There are different types of lintel used in construction but now almost RCC lintels are widely using in building construction.

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