Difference Between Carpet, Built Up and Super Built area – Explanation

The main thing we must know about in construction of a building is the Carpet area, Built up & super built area along with its difference.

If we understand the difference between the carpet area and built up area it could be helpful while purchasing or construction of a house.

So now we going to discuss the Difference Between Carpet, Built Up & Super Built area.

Difference Between Carpet, Built Up & Super Built area

We can discuss the different terms one by one.

What is Carpet Area and How to calculate carpet area

In simple, when you lay down a carpet on the floor it spread in the floor area without any blocking it is called carpet area.

The actual floor area of a building except for the wall, utility, the balcony is called carpet area.

Is balcony included in carpet area?

Obviously NO!. Not only the balcony area even lobby, bathroom/toilet and utility area will not be calculated in the carpet area.

You may see the floor level of balcony/toilet area it might be down minimum 10mm from the living area floor level.

Carpet Area calculator

Carpet Area = Built up area – Wall area – (Balcony/Toilet/Utility Area)

Carpet Area

What is Built up Area

The actual construction of a building including wall, living area, bedrooms, balcony, toilet and utility area.

Build up Area of a building

Built up area = Carpet Area + Wall Thickness + (Balcony/Toilet/Utility Area)


According to the thumb rule,

Built up area = Carpet Area +(20 % x Carpet Area)

Built up Area

Another name of the built up area is Plinth Area.

What is Super Built Up Area

The term super built up area has used in real estate builders. The entire area of a building including the common area is called Super Built Up area.

Common Area = Lift + Lobby+Verandah + Parking Area + Playground

You know What is Set Back Area?

As per the corporation norms, certain space should be allocated around the building, the interval between the building and road is called Set back area.

The space norms will be different based on the location.

Plot Area

We hope you may aware of the Plot area, the vacant land which has belonged to the real estate construction.

How to calculate built up area from plot area?

As above discussed, the built up area may be calculated from the plot area by the following formula.

Built up Area = Plot area – Set back area-common area

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