We have discussed concrete calculations in an earlier post. If you refer to the post, we don’t exclude the steel quantity. Why?

Steel Bars

Based on the thumb rule of steel quantity or by the exact calculation, the amount of steel used in structural elements is from 1-3%. It is very low compared to the concrete volume.

Structural Element Percentage of Steel in Concrete
Slab 1%
Beam 1% to 2%
Column 2.50%

For example, take the below slab, which is 2m X 3m X 0.125m.

Typical slab

Therefore total concrete volume = 0.75 m3

According to the thumb rule, the required amount of steel for the slab is 1%

Therefore required steel quantity = 0.75 * 1% = 0.0075 m3 which is negligible.

This will be compromised in concrete wastage while pouring it. So we don’t exclude the reinforcement quantity separately.

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