How to calculate Cement bags per Cubic meter

Before to discuss the conversation of cement bags into the cubic meter you must know about Unit Weight of Material for better understanding.

Basically, we are calculating the cement quantity in terms of bags while estimating the concrete quantity and we may stumble how to calculate cement bags per cubic meter.

So we are going to discuss the simple conversation of how to calculate cement bags per cubic meter.

cement bag into cum

How to calculate cement bags per cubic meter

Unit weight of  Cement – 1440 Kg/Cum   Weight of One Cement bag – 50Kg

So per cum we required = 1440/50 = 28.8 bags

Volume of One Cement bag in Cum = 50/1440 = 0.0347 Cum

To understand we just see calculation. While calculating the Concrete quantity for M15, the required cement quantity 0.22 Cum.

Let us  convert it into bags  = 0.22/0.0347

                                             = 6.34 Bags

Don’t forget Volume of One cement bag per Cubic meter = 0.0347 Cum

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