There are many more building materials which missed in this table. However, we have listed the most used construction materials.

construction material list

Building Construction Materials List

SI Material Purpose & Use
1 Cement Cement is a binding material that sets, hardens, and blends with other materials to make it homogenous. According to usage, there are different types of cement are available
2 River sand It is a filler material used in concrete and mortar. The allowable silt content limit is 6% to 8%.
3 M sand M sand is manufactured from available rock stone. The possibility of silt content is as low as 2%
4 Stone aggregates 40 mm (Gravel) It is also inert granular materials mainly used in PCC
5 Stone aggregates 20 mm and below 20mm 20 mm stone aggregates used in RCC
6 Bricks A small rectangular element typically made by fired or sun-dried clay. It has high workability compared to other types of blocks.
7 Solid Blocks Solid or Hollow blocks are made of concrete. Best known for its designs.  It is made of rich concrete mixes and has hollow in it.
8 Hollow Blocks
9 Cement brick As the name suggests it is a form of brick made of cement.
10 Diesel  It is not a construction material, but most construction sites would start with a temporary power supply where diesel is used to run the DG set.
11 Blasting Powder The blasting powder is used to blast the rock where the breaker or chiseller can not remove it.
12 Steel Bars ( TMT ) Steel is the primary construction material which gives the tensile strength to the structure.
13 Bamboos Bamboos are used in reinforcement for small scale structure, which gives good tensile strength at minimum cost.
14 Binding wire Binding wires are used to tie the steel rods in reinforcement.
15 Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Ceramic tiles are used to cover the flooring. It is made of clay then baked in a kiln to remove most of the moisture.
16 Glazed Tile Glazed tiles are subjected to a firing process covered with a protective coating of liquid glass. It is available in high-gloss, matte, and abrasive slip-resistant finishes, making it anti-resistant to oils used in kitchen walls. It is not recommended for floorings
17 Vitrified tile Vitrified tiles are low porosity ceramic tiles, which makes them resistant to water and frost. It is usually laid on outdoor floorings.
18 Granite stone It is a widely known igneous rock. Granites are prestige material used in tile floors, stair treads & kitchen countertops.
19 Pressed clay tiles Pressed clay tiles are rigid material. It usually comes in earthy colour. They are used in the terrace to reduce the heat absorption inside the structure. Alternatively, white roof paint will also be used for this purpose!
20 Waterproofing compound It is a chemical mixture mixed with mortar and applied on the wall or toilet floor to stop the dampness and water penetration.
21 Plaster of Paris It is a quick setting gypsum powder that hardens when mixed with water. It is mainly for aesthetical purposes. Mainly in False ceiling.
22 Limestone Limestones are used as weather reduce layer on the terrace. It is also used in cement manufacture.
23 Paint   It is a pigmented liquid that is used to colour the surface by coating.
24 Wooden primer It is applied in wood frame & door to protect from termite attack.
25 Steel primer It is applied in steel frame & door to protect from corrosion.
26 PVC Door Polyvinyl chloride doors are modern human-made material that is used in the toilet, bathroom.
27 Rolling Shutter Rolling shutters are the type of door that consists of horizontal layers hinged together. It is raised to open and lowered to close. Widely used in commercial shops
28 Aluminium -for doors, windows, ventilators Aluminum doors are often used in commercial properties. It is used instead of wooden frames, which is cost-effective.
29 Brick aggregate nominal size Brick aggregates are 20mm to 25mm in size mixed with limestone in the terrace to reduce the structure’s heat absorption.
30 Teak wood Its water, pest, and rot-resistant properties are in high demand, eventually priced high.
31 Plywood It is made of thin layers of wood veneer glued together. It is used in a wide range of structural, interior, and exterior applications
32 PVC tile  It is another name for vinyl tiles. It combines both durability and aesthetical appearance.
33 Bitumen Bitumen is the main binder material in the road, runways, footpaths, and parking lots. Bitumen is mixed with other material such as gravel or stone upon usage
34 Chemical Admixture The chemical admixture is mixed with the concrete to increase the workability of concrete.

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