Skirting or Dado!. Please don’t get confused, let’s see in detail.

What are Skirting tiles?

The tiles laid at the junction of walls and floors up to 3-4 inch height are known as skirting tiles.

Skirting Tiles

Purpose of Skirting

  • The primary purpose of skirting is to preserve the wall bottom from dirt while cleaning the floor. The cleaning tool (mop) can be easily touched to the bottom of the wall by mistake and make the wall dirty. If the skirting tiles are provided, then it is easy to clean them up.

Purpose of Skirting Tiles

  • The edge of the tile can be easily cracked if anything falls on the end of it. So to protect the tiles from crack skirting is provided.
  • Another reason for making skirting is to show the aesthetic difference between the wall and the floor.
  • The wall can be easily damaged by accidental incidents such as moving furniture or by placing the furniture close to the wall. It affects the aesthetic appearance of the wall. Skirting tiles will provide a minimum gap between the walls and the furniture.

Moreover, it is used to close the gap between the wall and floor tile.

The standard size of skirting

The standard size of the skirting provision is in the range between 100mm to 150mm based on whether the building is either commercial or residential.

How to calculate skirting tiles?

Skirting tiles can be calculated either in square metres or running metres.

To estimate the required skirting tiles, measure the perimeter of a room, and multiply it with the skirting height.

Example, Consider calculating skirting tiles for 5X5 m room

Perimeter of the room = 5+5+5+5 – door opening (1m) = 40-1 = 19m

Therefore required skirting tiles = 19 running metre or 19 x 0.150m = 2.85 Sq.m

What is the difference between dado and skirting?

Kitchen Dado Tiles

As above said, the skirting provision is in the range between 100mm to 150mm. 

The dado provided mostly in the staircase area, kitchen, and near the water closet area. To prevent the dirt pattern either by water or by people, dado tiles will be provided. 

The glazed tiles are used to provide dado in the wall, and the size is in the range between 4 feet to 6 feet.

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