Rapid Hardening Cement

Rapid hardening cement is one among the different types of cement. The usage of cement is varied based on the location of the structure and design criteria.

Mostly OPC cement has used to construct general structure but it is not suitable for underground structure because OPC cement does not have sulphate resistant capacity. So we cannot use one cement in all design and it will differ as above illustration.

Rapid Hardening Cement

Another name for Rapid hardening cement is “High early strength cement” it attains the compressive strength in short period.


It is having the higher ratio of lime and balance constituents are the OPC cement. A higher percentage of C3S (Tricalcium silicate) has added into the cement to attains the higher strength in short period.

extra rapid hardening cement

Rapid hardening cement produces the strength at the age of 3 days is equal to the 7 days strength of OPC cement with the same water-cement ratio.


  1. Lighter than OPC cement.
  2. Minimum curing period is enough.
  3. We can remove the formwork in earlier because it produces the higher strength in short period. So we can re-use the shuttering material for other work.
  4. Rapid hardening cement is used where higher strength is required in short period for further construction activity.

There is another rapid hardening cement is exist in construction named “Extra Rapid Hardening Cement”.

Extra Rapid Hardening Cement

Extra Rapid Hardening Cement has manufactured by adding 3% of calcium chloride with Rapid Hardening Portland Cement.

It gives 25% higher strength than RHP Cement in 2 days and 10 to 20% higher at 7 Days. Extra rapid hardening cement is preferable to use when very high strength required in a very short period.

Generally these type of cement used in water logged area, bridges, dam, etc., Because those structure required high strength required in short period to continue the flow of construction activity.


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