What is Water Cement Ratio? and How to calculate

We well knew the quantity of water is very important while concrete mixing or mortar because the durability and strength of concrete depend on the water consumption in concrete.

Workability of Concrete?

The ability of concrete to handle, transport and placing the concrete without any segregation is called as Workability of concrete.

What is water cement ratio?

The ratio between the weight of water to the weight of cement in the concrete mix is called Water Cement (W/C) ratio.

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Purpose of Water

The purpose of water in concrete to composite the Cement, Sand and Coarse aggregate. In concrete, the cement was the bonding agent if the amount water increase or decrease it will affect the bonding of material and it will be a chances to lose the workability and Strength.  

Water cement ratio table

Here we listed the water cement ratio table as per IS code 10262water cement ratio tableHow to calculate the quantity of water for Concrete?

Normally, the water cement ratio being between 0.4 to 0.6 as per IS standard.

We take 0.42 as a ratio of W/C.

Quantity of water = 0.42 x 50  = 21 Liters (1 bag cement = 50 Kg)

So the required quantity of water is 21 Liters per cement bag.

We shall interpret the Water cement ratio by Thumb Rule Calculation for M15 grade concrete.

Don’t forget to read concrete material calculation and Unit weight of the material.

M15 Ratio 1:2:4

cement = 317 Kg (unit weight = 1440 kg/cum)

Sand = 638 Kg (unit weight = 1450 Kg/cum)

Blue Metal = 1478 Kg (unit weight = 1680 Kg/Cum)

Total = 316.8+638+1478 = 2433 Kg

unit weight of Water = 1000 Kg

Water ratio = 1000/2433 = 0.41


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