The river sand is one inevitable material used in construction.

It is used almost all stages of construction. Take it right from the foundation you will need them almost at every stage, Be it plastering, concrete & also as a filling material.

But due to the high demand for river sand, the supply chain became weak. Also using more river sand affects the environment.

Dessert Sand

Considering the fact experts suggested Industry manufactured sand as a choice!

Alternative material choice for eco-friendly environment is also topping Civil Engineer Final Year Projects topic list

By the way, when we think about M sand, the first question will come to our mind!. Is that M Sand is an alternative choice for River Sand?

Obviously Yes!…

Let us know some aspects of M sand before getting into the Difference between M sand & River Sand.

What is M sand?

The meaning of M sand stands for Manufactured Sand. It is manufactured as per IS code 383:2016. (complete list of IS Code)

M Sand

The process of  M sand manufacturing is classified as three stages crushing, screening & washing.

The M sand is manufactured by crushing quarry stones into required size & the crushed particles will look cubical shape with rounded edges and after washing it is turned as a construction material.

The chemical composition of M sand is mostly similar to the river sand and the strength is little higher compared to the river sand.

Is M sand good for construction? – Advantage

M Sand outranks every parameter with river sand. Check the below table!

Considering the effect of

  • Environment Impact
  • Strength & quality
  • Availability

We can conclude M sand is good for construction comparing river sand. We have already started to use its construction.

Why is M sand not suitable for plastering work? – Disadvantage

The M sand particles are rough texture so when we use them in the plastering then the surface of the wall or ceiling should also be rough.

The P sand (Plastering Sand) can be used for plastering work. The P sand is also manufactured from rock stone and the fineness is smoother than M Sand.

Difference Between M Sand & River Sand

Appearance M Sand brown sand 127582
Cost It is manufactured from available rock stone so the price is low. It can be produced near to the construction by the raw material. Due to the lack of availability, price of river sand is high. 
Silt Content In M sand the possibility of silt content is less than 2%. 5% to 10% of silt particles available in Sand.
Source It is produced from rock stones. Naturally available in the Riverbank.
Quality We can expect a good quality of material since it is produced from a factory. The possibility of quality is low because sometimes other types of sand can be mixed with River Sand.
Density The density of M Sand – 15540 to 1650 Kg/Cum The density of River Sand – 1400 to 1700 Kg/Cum
Impact on the Environment Less impact on the environment as compared to Sand. Excavation of River Sand will reduce the groundwater level.
Marine Impurities Free from marine impurities. Other than silt, other impurities like coal, mica may be available in sand.
Strength As above said it is manufactured from the rock so the strength is high. The strength is low compared to M sand.
Moisture Content Moisture content available only when the sand is washed by water. Naturally moisture content is available. 
Sieve Analysis As per IS code: 383 particles pass through 75 microns 5 to 15%.  As per IS code: 383 particle passes through  in 75 microns up to 3 to 5%
Size of Material No oversize particles since it is artificially manufactured. The oversize particles are more than 5% available.
Application It can be suitable for concrete, filling material, etc., It can be used for concrete, plastering & filler material etc.
Shape The M sand is a cubical shape & rough texture surface. The natural sand is round in shape & smooth.
Workability Due to the cubical shape & rough texture, put little strain while mixing with other ingredients. Due to the smoothness of sand mixing with other materials easy to compare with M sand.
Transportation Since it is manufactured material so we can produce it inside of a construction site by raw material. The riverbank is far from many construction sites so we may face little difficulties & have to pay more cost.

Have you used M Sand in your site? If so what’s your thought using it in construction? Let us know in the comment box


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