Unlike brickwork or any masonry calculation, the calculation of the painting area for joineries such as doors, fences, windows grills, fences, and shutters is a little bit tricky.

painting coefficient

Since every item comes with different designs (Open, closed designs) and girth, we can’t measure it as a flat surface. Meanwhile, we can’t ignore the work done by contractors on these uneven surfaces.

So to compensate for the work done by the contractor, the measurement shall be taken as flat surfaces, and specific coefficients will be multiplied by that area.

Painting Coefficient

The painting coefficients for different surfaces has been mentioned in the Indian Standard Code IS 2000 (Part 15) – 1987. We have listed some of them below.

Painting Area Multiplying Coefficient Multiplied for 
Panelled or framed and braced door, windows etc 1.30 Each side
Treills work one way or two way 2.00 Overall
Carved or enriched work 2.00 Each side
Fully venetianed or louvered doors windows etc. 1.80 Each side
Corrugated sheeted steel doors or windows 1.50 Each side
Collapsible gates 1.50 Overall
Ledged and battened or ledged, battened and braced, doors, windows etc 1.30 Each side
Flush doors 1.20 Each side
Weather boarding 1.20 Each side
A.C Corrugated sheeting in roofs, side cladding etc. 1.20 Each side
Corrugated iron sheeting in roofs, side cladding etc. 1.14 Each side
Wood single roofing 1.10 Each side
Plain sheeted steel doors and windows 1.10 Each side
Rolling shutters interlocked lathes 1.10 Each side
A.C semi Corrugated sheeting in roofs, side cladding etc.(or Nainital pattern using plain sheets) 1.10 Each side
Boarding with cover fillets and matchboarding 1.05 Each side
Partly panelled and partly glazed or gauged doors, windows etc. 1.00 Each side
Wire gauge shutters including painting of wire gauge 1.00 Each side
Fully glazed or gauged doors, windows etc 0.80 Each side
Tile and slate battening 0.80 Overall
Partly panelled and partly glazed or steel gauged doors and windows 0.80 Each side
Fully glazed or gauged steel doors and windows 0.50 Each side

Example Painting Area Calculation

For Example, Assume a contractor paints an enriched surface (door) of 3’ x 7’.

Enriched door

Total Painting Area = Area of flat surface x painting coefficient = 3x7x2 = 42 Sq.ft (each side)

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