Different types of concrete blocks are used in various construction works.

We know the solid blocks, AAC blocks, hollow blocks are used in the construction of walls, but the paver blocks are mainly used in road construction. 


We are all aware that the roads are formed by either bitumen or concrete, but for more than a decade, the concrete paver blocks are used more to build the roads.

Why? Let’s Discuss…

What is Paver Block?

Paver Block road

The paver block is a construction material manufactured by mixing cement and sand at different mix ratios. The strength of the paver block will differ based on the mix ratio.

The paver blocks can be manufactured either be a rectangular, square, or in a pentagon shape. Also available in size of 19cm x 10cm x 7.5cm, 22.5cm x 10cm x 7.5cm.

The cost of the paver block is economical, and it is manufactured in different colours and textures.

Advantages & Applications of Paver blocks in road construction

The paver blocks are installed at the levelled earth surface by an interlocking system, as shown in the below picture.

Concrete Paver blocks

  • The minimum cost is enough to maintain the paver block road.
  • It is mostly used in forming of a parking area, street road, pathway, etc.,
  • There is no requirement of heavy machinery to form the paver block road.
  • Paver blocks are available in a variant colour which makes it aesthetically pleasing.
  • Sometimes the roads are required for a minimum period. So that the paver blocks can fulfil them.
  • The road shall be damaged often. We can easily resolve it by replacing a particular portion of it if we use the paver blocks road.
  • The underground service line, such as the power cable and water line, can be easily repaired and replaced when using paver blocks.
  • Paver blocks are suitable for patchwork that often happen on roads where we can quickly repair the road without disturbing the whole element.
  • When paver blocks make the streets, the rainwater can seep through the joints between the paver blocks. It is very appreciable for the environment, and the groundwater level will also increase.
  • After serving a certain period, the existing bitumen road should be reformed entirely, but the cost is very high. The cost of rebuilding the paver blocks road is economical. That’s why paver block roads are preferred more.

The workability and installation of paver blocks are effortless compared to other types of road work, and also the repair and rehabilitation are straightforward.

At the same time, Paver blocks are not suitable for making fast route roads. The fast route roads require proper superelevation at turning points so that it can’t be possible by paver blocks.

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Bala is a Planning Engineer & he is the author and editor of Civil Planets.

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