Rate Analysis of Concrete – Explanation

Today we are going to discuss the rate analysis of concrete along with example calculation. Before that, you must understand what are the aspects involved in rate analysis for a work.

We may get confused while doing the Rate analysis because if we did mistake in the budget then it will impact on our profit and there is a chance to lose the money.

The rate analysis is not an easy thing, we have to squeeze our mind to get the accuracy. Although it is simple if we do the estimation in an appropriate way.

In an earlier post, we had discussed the Rate analysis of brickwork.

Let’s do the Rate analysis of concrete for 1 Cum (M15).

Rate Analysis of Concrete

The following things should be considered while Rate analysing.

  1. Required material with wastage.
  2. Required manpower
  3. Power consumption
  4. Water consumption
  5. Tools and equipment
  6. Contingencies
  7. Overhead & Profit

Material Estimation

As above said first, we have to calculate the required material including wastages.

RThe ratioof M15 – 1:2:4

Cement = (1 x 1.54)/(7) = 0.22 x 28.8 = 6.33 Bags

Sand = 0.22 x 2 = 0.44 Cum

Coarse Aggregates = 0.22 x 4 = 0.88 Cum

To know the detailed explanation How to calculate the material quantity for Concrete.

Manpower requirement

The approx manpower requirement has listed below for 1 Cum of concrete in terms of days.

Mason – 0.3 Days

Male Coolie – 1 Day

Female Coolie – 1 Day

Waterman – 0.1 Days

You may interest to read Labour requirement of various civil works.

We had covered the crucial task and we shall add a certain percentage for water, power consumption, etc.,

Rate Analysis of Concrete

Description Unit Qty Rate Amount
1:2:4 (1 Cement : 2 Coarse sand : 4 Graded stone aggregate of 20mm nominal size) including curing
Details of cost of Brick work for - 1 cum
Cement Bags 6.30 350 2205
Sand Cum 0.44 1800 792
Coarse Aggregate Cum 0.88 1500 1320
Foreman Each 0.05 800 40
Mason Each 0.3 700 210
Male Mazdoor Each 1 500 250
Female Mazdoor Each 1 400 200
Waterman Each 0.2 400 80
Sub total 5097
Tools & Tackles 1% 51
Power Consumption 2% 102
Add for Sundries & Contingencies 3% 153
Add for Over head & Contractor profit 15% 765
Rate per Cum 6167

You may Download the Excel Sheet of Rate Analysis: Rate-Analysis-of-concrete

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