Rate Analysis of Civil Works

The rate analysis is the very toughest task in the project budget. The rate analysis of civil works has contains different activity like the cost of material, manpower and equipment, etc.

 Somewhere you hear the sounds?

  • What is the rate of 1 cum M20 concrete?
  • What is the rate of 1 sqm plastering?

The cost of construction activities arrives in terms of the rate per unit and the cost is arrived including of material and manpower cost.

rate analysis

Rate Analysis

  1. To Determine the project value.
  2. Estimate the required resource.
  3. Based on the project value we could initiate the cost control.
  4. Based on the initial budget we may calculate the profit or loss.
  5. To negotiate with suppliers or subcontractors.
  6. Involvement of different categories of labour.

Rate Analysis of Civil Works

  • BOQ preparation
  • Material Estimation
  • Manpower Calculation
  • Tools & Equipments
  • Transportation
  • Contingencies
  • Admin Expenses
  • Over Head & Profits

BOQ (Bill of Quantity ) Preparation

The first step of rate analysis is to understand the scope of work.

  • Types of Material resource
  • Method of construction
  • Involvement of different categories of workers

Material Estimation

The cost of the material will differ due to the quality of a material. So the material specification should be considered while doing the rate analysis. The material estimation will be calculated including of wastes.

Manpower calculation

Manpower estimation is the crucial step of rate analysis because each construction activity is interlinked by the different type of workers.

So we have to calculate the required manpower with maximum accuracy.

Tools & Equipments

Each of the construction works required some tools & equipment. For an example, the earth excavation works done by the excavator.

The tools and equipment are taken either hire basis or our own tools. If the tools were taken on hire basis then the hire charges should be included in the rate.

Probably, we use our own tools & equipment then the maintenance cost should be added to the rate.


Suppose the location of the project is far from the source of material then the transportation charges might be added with the rate.


We have to add some percentage of the cost to avoid the unexpected expenses. Sometimes the material rates are going too high, so that time we can’t consent the expenses.

Admin Expenses

  1. Salary of supervisor/Engineers
  2. Establishments
  3. Stationary
  4. Travel
  5. Telephone/ mobile bills
  6. Power / Water charges
  7. Tax

Over Head & Profits

The following expenses should be on Overhead expenses.

  1. Material wastages
  2. Repair and rehabilitation works
  3. Amenities of labour
  4. Workmen’s compensation
  5. Insurance

Normally 10% to 15% is the profit for the contractor and it was finally added to the actual cost of the work.

Hence, we hope almost we explained the rate analysis of civil works. In further, we shall discuss rate analysis of all construction works.

Rate analysis Format


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