We have discussed different types of cement in which white cement is the only one primarily used for decorative & finishing purposes.

What is white cement? White Cement

It is a pure form of OPC. White cement only differs from the ordinary portland cement by its colour. It has a clean & bright colour because of its manufacturing process. 

The vanadium, iron, copper, manganese, oxides of chromium & titanium which imparts grey colour to the cement (Clinker) will be limited when manufacturing white cement. The white cement is also finer than the OPC.

The compressive strength of the white cement will have 90% compressive strength of OPC cement.

Properties of White Cement

Most of the property values are the same as grey OPC.


  • Decorative – Used for decorative purposes
    • Designer Choice – Used in architectural work because of its good aesthetic values.
    • Used to prepare ready-mix concrete and manufacture the precast blocks.


  • It holds moderate strength.
  • Not preferred for structural uses because of its cost.
  • The cost of white cement is expensive because some special raw materials are required for manufacturing the cement.

Bala is a Planning Engineer & he is the author and editor of Civil Planets.

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    Please tell me about, design calculation for false shuttering for 600 mm thick slab concrete
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