White Cement

In earlier, we have already seen an overview of different types of cement and the white cement is one among them.

White Cement

White cement is having white colour and apart from that, it contains the same properties as Ordinary Portland cement. The china clay used along with the chalk or limestone to manufacturing the white cement.

 The raw material iron oxide and manganese added to given the white colour to the cement.

The compressive strength of the white cement should have 90% compressive strength of OPC cement.

white cement composition, white cement uses

Advantages of White Cement

  • White cement dries quickly and 30 minutes required for setting.
  • It holds high strength.

The cost of white cement is expensive because some special raw materials are required for manufacturing the cement.


  • Mostly the white cement is used in architectural work because of its good aesthetic values.
  • Rarely white cement is used to prepare ready-mix concrete and manufacture the precast blocks.
  • White cement mortar is used in marble, tile flooring.


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