Lightweight concrete

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In this post, we are going see a glance of “LightWeight Concrete which introduced instead of Normal concrete”.

What is Lightweight concrete?

Lightweight aggregates are placed instead of coarse aggregates in concrete is called Lightweight concrete. The density of lightweight concrete in the range between 300 to 1850 Kg/cum and the normal concrete density 2200 to 2500 Kg/cum.

Based on design requirement we can manufacture the lightweight concrete with the compression strength range from 1 Mpa to 35 Mpa.

Lightweight aggregates are classified into two types.light weight concrete

Where can useLightweight concrete?

  1. Floor finish
  2. Partition wall
  3. Deck Slab
  4. Balconies & Terrace
  5. Instead of brickbat Koba (Weathering course on Terrace)

what is lightweight concrete

Benefits of Lightweight concrete

  1. It reduces formwork so it is economically good.
  2. Good fire resistance property.
  3. Lightweight concrete having sufficient compressive strength.
  4. Lightweight concretes have good thermal insulating properties compared to concrete.
  5. It reduces dead load of the structure.

lightweight concrete properties

Drawbacks of Lightweight concrete

  1. The aggregates are having different water absorption so it is critically for deciding the water-cement ratio.
  2. Less workability and durability.

We shall discuss the design and other details in another post. You may like to read how to calculate the concrete material quantity.

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