There are more and more technology updates, and innovations are coming into existence to increase the workability and durability of concrete.


The prestressed concrete is one of the specialized concrete, sustainable against heavy load and gives cracks free pleasant surface.

What is meant by Prestressed Concrete?

High tensile stress-induced artificially on the reinforcement bars of concrete before the placement is called prestressed concrete. After completion of structure work, It helps the concrete to detain the shrinkage crack formation. 

Before discussing the advantages & disadvantages of prestressed concrete, we recommend reading – What is Prestressed Concrete? – Principles, Methods & Applications.

Prestressed Concrete

Advantages of Prestressed concrete

  • Low maintenance cost is enough.
  •  It is economical for long-span structure.
  • The construction activity can be finished in a short period.
  • It can be used for a large span structure under shallow foundations.
  • The smooth and pleasant crack free surface provided by the prestressed concrete.
  •  Prestressed concrete resists shear failure well compared to the standard concrete.
  • The sustainability of concrete structure will be increased against sudden impact.
  • It is reducing the depth of the foundation, so the cost of making the foundation will be reduced.
  •  The durability of prestressed concrete is higher than the conventional reinforced concrete.
  • The prestressed concrete is much more usable in the construction of bridges, railway sleepers, and dams.
  • The dead load of the structure will be reduced by using prestressed concrete, and it indirectly reduces the usage of steel and project cost.

Disadvantages of Prestressed concrete

  • It is economical for large-span structures only.
  • Ample space required to do the precast works.
  •  Highly skilled manpower and supervision required.
  • Transportation of prestressed concrete is a little difficult.  
  •  Higher grades of concrete and steel needed to get good strength.
  •  Specialized equipment such as jacks, anchorage required for prestressing the concrete.

The prestressed concrete is different from the conventional reinforced concrete, we discussed the same on – the difference between prestressed concrete and reinforced concrete.

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