Portland Slag Cement

Totally 17 types of cement have been used in the construction field and Portland Slag cement is one among them.

Portland slag cement is made by intergrinding portland cement clinker and granulated blast furnace slag, the proportion of the later not exceeding 65% of the weight of the mixture. The gypsum will be added as the usual ratio like manufacturing of OPC.

The main advantage of Portland slag cement is the effort of manufacturing this cement is much less than the Ordinary Portland cement because the slag is a waste material which used for manufacturing.

portland slag cement

Portland Slag Cement Advantages & Uses

The specification of Slag Cement – IS Code 455:1989 and it seems to the colour of blackish grey.

The Portland slag Cement is also called as Blast Furnace Slag Cement.


  • PSC has the lower evolution of heat.
  • The Slag cement is more resistant to the attack of weathering agencies.
  • Low Cost to compare OPC.
  • It gives a smooth finish because the cement particles are more finesse.  


  • The PSC Cement is to be used mainly in mass concrete because of its heat hydration is lower than that of Ordinary Portland cement.
  • Basically, the portland slag cement is used in seawater construction projects because it is contained good resistant capacity against sulphate.
  • As above said the PSC cement is used in mass concrete work like the pile, dam, raft, concrete road & precast products.

The PSC cement could not be used in thin RCC structure since its early strength is less.

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